Accessing external POP3 accounts

DeskNow usually provides you with an email account by default. Your email address is Ask your Network administration for more information.


If you have other email accounts and want to access your email through DeskNow, you need to tell DeskNow to retrieve the mails for you.


Open the Mail menu by clicking on the apposite triangle symbol, and click on the External accounts link.


Click on Define new account and input the details of your mail account, and select the mail folder in which you want the downloaded email to go. If you want DeskNow to automatically retrieve new email messages for you, select 'Check automatically'.


When you click 'OK', DeskNow will download all the new emails found in the account. This could take a long time, depending on the number of emails in the account.


If you have selected Check automatically, from now on DeskNow will automatically download emails from this account for you.


If you have selected Check on login DeskNow will check the account when you login.


Important: if in future you change the password on the remote account, remember to update your Email account information on DeskNow, or DeskNow will not be able to download your email.


You can setup multiple email accounts to be accessed by DeskNow.